Hey Folks, guess what?!?  WE MOVED!!!

I know, I know, this sounds like old news.  This time, however, it refers to our address on the “interwebs”.  After much work and a lot of help from our friends, we have migrated our website.  We did this in order to have more creative freedom with our design and also wanted to stay better connected with Servants, Inc. our sending organization.  Our new website can be found at: Uniting 2 Serve

Be sure to bookmark it!  Please check it out when you have a chance and leave us some feedback.  Is it easy to navigate?  Does it make sense?  Is there some info you feel is missing?  We know you all are very creative as you constantly give us ideas about our methods of connecting with others.  Don’t worry, you won’t offend us or hurt our feelings.  Part of our mission is to stay connected to you and communicate as efficiently (and sometimes amusingly) as possible; critiques will help us, not hurt us.

So what now?  You don’t have to change anything as far as subscriptions or anything.  If you are receiving this, then that means your subscription rolled right over and you can continue receiving our blog email updates like usual!  You don’t even have to unsubscribe from the other one.  We will be sending out one more very small update from the other site just in case we missed anyone with this one.

Thanks for continuing to stay updated with what God is doing through ALL of us in Guatemala!  We appreciate your interest, prayers, love, support, encouragement, and faithfulness!  We’ll see you at our “new place!!”

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    • We are still in Belize till Saturday when we return to Guatemala. Where are you guys?