The local church will be able to provide for the community, becoming the epicenter of a Christ like environment that sets the example for surrounding areas.  The community will rely on God for direction in their lives and inspire others to do the same as a result of the way they consummate Godly living.  The Gospel, its principles, and its effects will spread from family to community to city to country and then abroad.

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully! (Mathew 5:6)


We envision a community of people relying on continual communication with God for guidance, healing, protection, and provisions.

We envision a community of people that appreciate the value of each other through God’s understanding that surpasses all worldly knowledge.  We believe God’s desire is to bridge the gap between subcultures. Different communities within a society will understand each other as a result of individuals’ constant communication with God.

We envision a community of healed people facilitating the healing of others.  Those who have been healed by God physically, emotionally, and spiritually will step out to encourage others around them.  The healing power of Jesus that has helped them overcome their past hurts will allow them to inspire others.  It will show the true power of God’s love and give them the hope they have been searching for out of their dismal circumstances.

We envision a community of families that have learned how God designed a family to be.  Men will support their families, avoid destructive behavior, and encourage and mentor their children and wives.  Women will stand up for themselves, recognizing that God designed them to have dignity.  Children will learn discipline and obedience by the examples of both parents.  The family unit will become the core example of how a community should behave.

We envision a community of Godly leaders trained by the local church to act as mentors for community members. Being the hands and feet of Christ, these mentors will show God’s love and what it looks like in order to teach others how to do the same.

We envision a community of faith driven people using the local church as a hub for support and overflowing back into the community to reach others.  The community will be strengthened and emboldened by God’s love to contribute to the growth and spread of the Gospel through word and deed.

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