We want to share with you our ongoing story of our journey to get to Jamaica.  It actually seems quite ridiculous on the surface, but God continues to astound us with His faithfulness.  To get some background, it’s important that you read Missy’s post from 2 years ago around this time of year.  If you don’t, you might get a little confused or even be underwhelmed.

We’ve been on this Jamaica Journey for two years now since God told Missy during a fitness challenge I was in that we were going.  A weeklong trip for 2 to Jamaica is the top prize.Now the funny thing is that God never told her I’m winning the challenge, just that we are going to Jamaica.  As you can see in her post on trust, he’s made it almost scary.  Additionally, it’s not like this huge, great, glorifying prophetic word that we would expect from God.  Maybe He has other plans for us in Jamaica…we won’t know until we go.  But that’s where it gets interesting.

When someone thinks they hear something from God, especially when it doesn’t seem very spiritual, it’s easy to doubt.  Especially when I didn’t win the challenge in 2017 and we knew that in 2018 we were going to be stateside and traveling (which makes it difficult to eat well and stay in shape because you all spoil us rotten, hahaha).  This year Missy as been confident that I’m going to win because God said we are going to Jamaica and this is the last year they are offering that trip as a prize.  Of course, this boosted my resolve in this year’s fitness challenge but because I backslid after 2017, I couldn’t focus on winning.  The main goal is just to be healthier and maintain my progress.

So, as the challenge went on we have had conversations with others about this and I have thought (but never shared with Missy), “what if it’s not about winning the challenge and someone is just going to send us there?”  We’ve never thought of going to Jamaica nor really ever had a desire to go before this challenge presented itself and I came close to winning in 2017 (3rd place).  Additionally, our coworker said the same thing to Missy just last week, “maybe God wants to use all this anticipation to completely surprise you with someone just giving you the money to go!”  Who in their right mind would do that?  Then again, I guess God has done much crazier things in the course of history!  Well, just last week after I submitted my final pictures for judging, the unimaginable happened.


We’re actually still recovering from the shock, especially since this person gave it after much prayer and without knowing the whole story of God’s involvement in all this.  So now the question is: did I win?  Stay tuned to our VLOG to find out!

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