The COVID Cut Challenge ends, Missy finds a unique way to handle a leaky shower, and […]
January is our busiest time of year. The Guatemalan school year starts right after the holidays […]
Getting our sistern cleaned, discipling at risk families, jamaica baby!  
Some of you knew about my recent trip to Nebaj, Guatemala (9-16 February).  To others it […]
I think we officially have a tradition started as this is our 3rd year in a […]
January was such a busy month for us here in Guatemala. We had 4 new missionaries […]
As some of you may know, I have taken to building websites as a “hobby”.  I […]
Last Wednesday I had “one of those days” in ministry.  Let me explain what I mean by […]
So, just the other day I realized that after our “surge” of introducing families to our […]
We just said goodbye to our most recent team that came down here to work with […]
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