We just said goodbye to our most recent team that came down here to work with us through the Serving At Risk Families ministry.  They did an amazing job of finishing the hard work needed for an elderly woman to move into her new home!  As you may recall, one of the families we help is The Monrroy Family (click the name to read more about them).  Since our last update about them, Maria Olivia has sadly passed away and the engineer has run out of money to finish the project.  So, with our team that came in April and the one in July, we were able to finish the work needed!

We are so happy to be able to see the project come to completion.  Maria told us it is bittersweet because she never thought the house would be finished and is happy to be able to move in however she is sad that her sister is not here to move in with her.  We are prepared to help move her when she is ready and the house has the finishing touches needed.  The main thing needed is a little fix on the plumbing as we discovered the final day that there is a leak inside the bathroom wall, so we will have to knock a hole into the concrete to find the leaking pipe and plug it up.  This is what happens when you have to jump in and finish a project that was started by someone else, lol!

Below is a video I put together of the team’s work and service to the community.  This team had a professional photographer, so he was able to bless some families with professional photos!  We will be getting them developed and framed in the coming months to hand out to the families free of charge.  It’s always exciting to see the various talents He brings on these trips to bless people in different ways.


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