So, just the other day I realized that after our “surge” of introducing families to our readers last year, we never introduced any other family!  Today we want to share with you a family we have been working very close with over the past year.

Beverly, Kesler, Olga, and Byron

Beverly, Kesler, Olga, and Byron

Meet Olga and her 3 kids!  Olga is a woman who works extremely hard and is passionate for serving the Lord in anyway she can find.  She was rescued a few years ago from a very troubling relationship with the father of her 3 kids.  I won’t get into details, but she was essentially abandoned by her family as a teenager and had always been subject to very controlling situations.  A little over 2 years ago, the church we work with in Linda Vista learned of her situation and took her in and also her 3 children once she was able to obtain custody of them.

Olga has since begun working on being a leader of the Celebrate Recovery ministry at the church!  She is learning how to be self dependent and make decisions for herself.  She admits she still has much to learn, but she also knows she has come a long way.  Just this past week, she opened her own business!  She was telling us that she was very nervous but at the same time excited because she never thought she would be able to do it on her own.  Her three loving and supportive children help her as they can amidst school and homework.  Her biggest concern is being able to spend time with her kids, so she will only be open for business Thursday – Sunday in the evenings.

Olga’s business is selling “baleadas,” which is a Honduran meal consisting of a type of grilled taco (the shell is similar to that of a “chalupa” you would find at Taco Bell, but much, much more tasty!) filled with refried black beans and chorizo (a seasoned sausage found in Central America and Mexico).  She serves it with a cucumber/tomato/onion salad called “chirmol” and a cup of coffee.  Her first day she almost sold out!  We are extremely happy for Olga and her family and very proud of her continued progress and desire to be the best servant of God and provider for her family she can be.

Below are some pics of Olga’s new business…we got to be the first customers!

Please keep Olga and her kids in your prayers!  Pray for their continued emotional healing and spiritual growth.  Pray for God’s continued provision through her new business and that it flourishes so they become self sustaining.  Pray for God’s protection from the constant danger that exists where they live.  If you would like to know more about this family and possible ways to support them, check out their family profile here.

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