The bibles are here! The bibles are here! The bibles are here!

Ok, maybe it doesn’t seem as exciting as we portray it to be, but let me try to convince you.  We mentioned a while back that in February we had the chance to meet with a special ministry during our Intermissions Conference about these bibles and the Story of Jesus booklets.  The booklets are short comic books designed to catch the attention of children.  They are designed by David Cook, a batman illustrator turned Christian publisher who redesigned the entire bible into the style of a comic book.  The booklets are to be used as evangelism tools for teaching kids in schools.  The books are short excerpts from the entire bible he created.  To date, it has been translated into many languages covering at least 1/3 of the world’s population!  When we first heard about them, we thought, “we just HAVE to get them!”  We learned in   February that an anonymous donor will be paying for Spanish versions of the Action Bible New Testament for distribution out of Guatemala.  Last Saturday, the containers arrived and are being stored at the same church we are working in.

Some kids that we handed the booklets out to that we saw while working on our last team project.

Some kids that we handed the booklets out to that we saw while working on our last team project.

A ministry partner, TJ Hanken, has been working hard the past few years to distribute literature throughout the country to empower churches organizations to better reach the people of Guatemala for the Kingdom of God.  TJ organized and raised money for the shipments and then came here to facilitate unloading them all.  We had hoped to be a part of the unpacking process but we had a prior engagement and by the time we were ready, they were all done!  The community rallied together to unload the 3 shipping containers of bibles!

Now we will work on how we will be using these bibles.  The church itself has a local school outreach ministry where they go to schools in the surrounding area on a weekly basis.  They have already started using the Story of Jesus booklets to relay to the kids His Story and will then move on to using the bibles as well.  Aside from the other 20 families we regularly minister to, we have one public school (where we installed the computer lab) and a ministry center that serves kids through schooling and a feeding program where we would like to use these to reach the children of Guatemala.

Join us in celebrating the arrival of these amazing outreach tools and that in using them, more Guatemalan children and their parents would come to know Jesus in a profound and life changing way!

Here are some pics of the community unloading the trucks.

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