They say the first 7 years are the hardest in a marriage as it is the […]
Ok so pretty much God has spent the last year answering all my questions and doubts […]
Last week we left off with God showing up in a big way to answer my […]
“I personally think every missionary should come home every 5 – 10 years and study to […]
How many times have we said this in our lives?  “I need a break from work […]
This was my “complaint” to God during my daily devotional one day back in October.  The […]
“Don’t worry for me Melissa, I will be fine. I’m the daughter of Jesus the King […]
Even though we have heard about them for some time and even were able to recognize […]
Well, it happened again, I encountered another bout of homesickness.  It took me a day or […]
Those of you who have been on a true physical battleground probably had an instantaneous memory […]