Ok so pretty much God has spent the last year answering all my questions and doubts about not giving up on the dream that He put on my heart last August.  Not only has He given me answers to my questions and doubts but He’s put me in situations where I realize I NEED to do this so that I can better serve in our ministry here.  But there are still 2 questions from my initial list that haven’t been answered.  1) What will people think of me going back to school? and 2) How will God provide the money needed?

As far as the first question God hasn’t given me a full answer on that yet.  But He has given me the courage to slowly share with more and more people about what He’s put on my heart and He’s now helping me take this HUGE step of putting it out there and sharing it with all of you.  I have gotten an incredibly positive response from the people with whom I have shared.  Things like: “Of course you should do this, you’ve had a passion for it forever, you would be so good at it, you’re already doing it to some degree and you’re doing great so why not learn more?”  Or things like: “Wow, you are so passionate when you talk about it and I can see God already using you in that capacity I can only imagine how much more He will use you as you follow what He’s calling you to do.”  And one of the things that God has made very clear to me over the last several years of prayer and seeking Him as we’ve followed this calling to be career missionaries in Guatemala is that if He calls me to do something it really doesn’t matter what other people think.  I know MANY people who thought we were crazy when we told them we were going to Guatemala because God was calling us there.  People who were disappointed that we weren’t doing what THEY thought we would be doing with our lives, friends who lost contact no matter how hard I tried to stay in touch, and many other challenges we faced.  But through it all He has always continued to guide us, provide for us, and we have never doubted that serving Him in Guatemala is what God has called us to do.

As far as the second question God hasn’t answered that one yet either.  I have 4 schools that I need to look into and decide which one is the one that is best and the one where the Lord wants me to study.  After that, I start the search.  The search for grants, scholarships, loans, and whatever other ways God wants to use to provide for this.  Another lesson that He has taught me over the last several years as we’ve followed Him to Guatemala is that if He is calling me to it He will provide for me every step of the way.

I thank you all for taking the time to read this and pray with me about the new journey God is calling me to.  I ask that you would continue to pray with me about what school to choose, when to start, how to continue to serve as the Lord wants me to in ministry as I add studying to my schedule, and how the Lord will provide for this.  If any of you have any suggestions, words of wisdom, encouragement, or anything you would like to share please do not hesitate.  I appreciate that all of you continue to walk this journey with us and I thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable and share with you this new thing that God has put on my heart to serve Him better and help others heal from things that keep them from drawing closer to Him.

As I close this out I want to share something with you that I recently read and that I now have taped to the wall next to the chair where I have my daily devotional time….

Whatever your dream is, it’s not too late to achieve it.  It’s ok if you don’t even know what your dream is yet.  No matter what you’re doing today, you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow!

NEVER tell yourself you’re too old to make it!

NEVER tell yourself you’ve missed your chance!

NEVER tell yourself you aren’t good enough!

You CAN do it!!  Whatever it is!!

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  1. Missy, thanks for sharing this. I’ve enjoyed reading each one and couldn’t wait for the next installment! You’re an inspiration.