If you are recognizant of the 80s as much as we are, then you might be expecting an interview of some famous band in this post. What we really want to do is share a little about the video we posted on Facebook last week for “Throwback Thursday.”

“throwback Thursday” is a trend on social media sites where people post pictures of themselves years ago usually to embarrass themselves or others. Always being ones to take it to “the next level,” with Missy’s creative thinking and my computer skills, we put together a video to share our first salsa class together!

When we were in language school last year, there were always things they offered for free through the school. Most of these activities were tours of museums or plantations in and around Antigua. However, one of the unique things the school arranged was to have free salsa lessons every Wednesday afternoon. Since we lived so far from the school and had our routine of exercise most weeks, it seemed like a lot to walk all the way back to school in the afternoon for a salsa class. Also, being the drill instructor I am about making sure we stay on schedule for working out, I didn’t leave us time or energy to do it.

So, towards the end of our time in language school, we made a point to make it happen. What fun! As you will see in the video, we did a lot more sweating and laughing than what most people would call “dancing,” but it was certainly worth it! Our last team that came to work with us at the end of April got a similar experience when we had our transition day with them in Antigua. The instructor is very patient and understanding of people like us who aren’t very rhythmic, although you will see what happens when he gets bored in a lesson… If you are interested in learning more about the school or instructor, you can click to visit their Facebook Page.

While we stay as focused as possible on ministry, we also try to take opportunities to learn more about the culture and experience what Guatemala has to offer at the very least to share it with those who come to visit and work with us.  Without further ado, here is the video of us making fools of ourselves exactly one year ago. Enjoy!

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