Several months ago I shared a series of posts with all of you about the dream God has given me to return to school and study marriage and family counseling to help with the many needs here in Guatemala.  After that you haven’t heard anything for over 6 months.  So maybe you’ve been wondering…Did I give up?  Am I not going it?  Have I started already?  Or maybe you haven’t thought about it at all…lol  For those who took me at my word and continue to ask “how’s it going with going back to school” I wanted to send out another update.

No I have not given up on the dream.  Believe when I tell you there have been times I’ve wanted to…but thankfully it’s only been every OTHER day so I keep pressing on…hahahaha  Ok, ok, maybe it’s not that bad but there have definitely been times over the last several months when I’ve thought “this is stupid” or “it’s never gonna happen, I should just give up.”  But I keep praying and every time I pray about any of these thoughts the Lord keeps bringing me back to the fact that He called me to do this and I cannot give up.

So I’ve been spending the last 6+ months researching.  First I was researching schools and I believe I have it narrowed down to which school I’m going to attend.  Now I just have to apply and see if they’ll have me.

The other research I’ve been doing is sorting through the MOUNTAIN of information there is about grants, scholarships and other ways to finance a degree.  I believe I have finally finished sorting through all the info and have found every thing that I might be eligible for and now I start the process of applications.  Applications to get accepted to a school and applications for funding for school.

My goal is to start studying in fall of 2017 so I ask that over these next several months you will continue to pray for me and with me as I complete all of the paperwork necessary to make this happen.  Please also pray that I will have great favor in my applications and be approved for the school that God wants me to attend and also that I will be approved for every grant/scholarship for which I apply.  Also, please pray that I continue to work out my ministry schedule so that I will have the time to devote to school when I start.

Thank you all who have sent me messages of encouragement, who have sent me ideas to check into for funding, and for those who have continued to check in with me to make sure I am moving forward in the process.  You all are a blessing and I’m so thankful God put you into my lives…I promise you all several free counseling sessions if you ever need them…hahahahaha

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