It’s been a while since we have just done a regular “blog” post.  This isn’t so much of a blog, however, as it is an announcement of what we have coming up in ministry.  We wanted to share with you all some important dates coming up in case you are interested in participating or attending and also to help keep you in the “know”.

June 5th

Ok, if you don’t know about our paintball event, you just haven’t been paying attention! lol.  However, there are a few “developments” about it! If you are signed up to play, you will receive an informational email this weekend for more details.  1) Missy has accepted Dylan’s challenge that if we can raise over 250 paintballs for her, then everything over that DYLAN get’s to shoot at MISSY.  Yes, you read that right.  So, be sure to send this link to your friends! Although it is possible that most folks who read this might be sympathetic to Missy, we still need 100 more rounds to reach that goal. 2) As Dylan runs the gauntlet and Missy tries to shoot him, we will Livestream the experience from Dylan’s point of view on our Facebook page!  If you aren’t connected to our page already, you can find our page by clicking this button. We plan to start it around 3:30 that afternoon but will post a more concrete time once we know for sure when it will start…

June 20th, 27th

We have 2 presentation/speaking events planned at supporting churches. Dylan has been asked to preach at these churches with the encouragement to share things about ministry, especially as there have been quite a few new attendees since we were last back in the US and shared an update. If you are in the York/Lancaster area and are interested in attending one of these services, you can get more information here.

July 14th

We’re going to Guatemala! This is a planned trip for us. When we came back to the US we knew we would have to visit (and are grateful for having a good “excuse” to do so). We must be in Guatemala physically every year in order to keep our residency current. Every year there are more requirements by law to do so, so we will be taking care of those things as well as visit with the families we serve, spend extra time with our team, and address any other ministry needs that require our presence. Getting our COVID vaccines will be a blessing as we only will need to share our vaccination cards to gain entry instead of getting a negative test just before travel.

August 14th

Last spring we had our first annual virtual 5k for Families event, just before the entire world decided to start hosting virtual races for every cause around the world. While in Guatemala, we will be doing it again! The thing that makes ours different is that we actually livestream running through the streets of Guatemala in real time! We just don’t know if we will be able to have a group of people running with us or if Dylan will have to run solo due to the COVID restrictions in Guatemala. Things have been changing on a monthly basis, so we will see. We currently don’t have a registration page for this yet, but will be sure to let you know once we do so you can sign up or invite your friends to join! Before you say, “oh, I don’t run so that isn’t for me,” it is a run, bike, walk, or crawl event. The main purpose other than raising some funds to support the ministry is to spread awareness and have some fun doing it! Stay tuned for more info.

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