We are excited to share with all of you that we will be coming back to the U.S. in a few weeks!

We have a lot of amazing things going on during this visit to the states!

As always we will be connecting with churches to share about what God is doing in Guatemala.  We have the blessing of starting our journey in McAllen, TX which is where we spent 5 months in 2012 for mission training.  The church we were a part of while we were there is having us share with them on a Sunday morning and then spend the week with them sharing each night at a different connection group.  They will then be coming to serve with us in July of this year!

From McAllen we start our journey back to PA.  Stopping in San Antonio to visit some friends and meet with a pastor of a church we are hoping to develop a relationship with, then heading to share at a church in Cabot, AR.  The church in Arkansas is a church that we have served with during their trips to Guatemala.  This past year they invited us to come and share with them and visit their church.  After sharing with this church we will visit with some friends in Memphis, TN and then up the coast visiting various members of Dylan’s family and possibly visiting Missy’s aunt in Virginia.  We will finally be making it back to PA just in time for Missy’s youngest brother’s graduation from high school.

Once we are in PA we will be sharing with different churches, taking care of some of the things we can only do while we are in the states (like Dylan’s VA doctor’s appointments, legal paperwork etc.) and spending time with family/friends.

This will take us up to the beginning of July when Dylan leaves to go back to Guatemala and Missy stays behind in the states for a few more weeks for a class she has to take on campus at her college.   Most of her classes for her degree are done online but there are 2 that she has to take on campus and they are only offered at certain times of the year.  We are thankful that the scheduling for her first on campus class worked out close to a time when we were planning on being in the states anyway but we are not looking forward to spending over a month apart.

We thought about moving our trip back so that Dylan could stay in the states longer but the team we previously mentioned is coming at the end of July so he has to come back either way.  Although we are not happy about this time apart we are thankful because we know that Lord will grow us through it.

Please pray for us as we prepare for our time in the U.S. and prepare for our time apart.  Please pray for safe travels and for continued provision for these travels.  Please also pray for Dylan as he leads the July team by himself and for Missy as the class she is taking is a week long intensive course.  This means they are taking 8 weeks of teaching and putting it into 1 week.  She will be at school from early in the morning until late in the evening every night.

Also, if you would like to see us during our time in the states please message us at Melissa@Servants.org or Dylan@Servants.org.  You can also message us on Facebook.  We would love to have time with as many of you as possible so if you would like to spend time with us please contact us soon as our calendar is almost full!

We love all of you and are so thankful for how you continue to partner with us, in the specific ways God calls you, to serve Him in Guatemala!

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