Apolonia and her girls are some of the first people that Servants, Inc. has helped in […]
Mirna Diaz and her two children are suffering from a lot of emotional hurt as a […]
November 20th is a day we won’t soon forget.  We had the opportunity to meet Ludwin, […]
With 9 members, this is the biggest family yet that we are serving.  We got to […]
Even though we have heard about them for some time and even were able to recognize […]
I remember the first time I met this family.  At the time, it was only Emilia […]
The thing that impressed me most about this family is how hard of a worker Carmen […]
These three children have had a traumatic experience at such a young age.  Their father, Erick, […]
The Fuentes Family is the first Guatemalan family that Missy and I met and the experience […]
As the Serving At Risk Families ministry gets under way and we continue to look forward […]