By now most of you know that every year I have been going to translate for a special team that comes down in November to pray in different mountainous areas of the country.  We’ve mentioned it in a few newsletters and even posted some blogs about them.  One thing we never really shared, however, is the “after action report” of the trip.  The leader asks the team to journal about what they experience while ministering and praying during the trip.  Afterwards, we all send our journal entries to him and he organizes everything in a report and shares with the entire team as well as fellow supporters and prayer warriors of the trip.

This year I wanted to share with you all so you can see what happens in just one week.  Of course, there is a little overlap and some things seem repeated.  One interesting observation we make is that every village we go to seems to have different afflictions.  The hardworking people of Guatemala generally have body aches and headaches, but we also notice how one area might have an overabundance of ovarian cysts while the other might suffer from night terrors.  I explain this so that hopefully you can understand why there seems to be trends like this in the report.

There is power in the testimony.  Jesus told many people that by their faith in the healing power of God they were healed.  While this power flowed from Jesus, it was received by faith.  In Ephesians 2, the Apostle Paul wrote:

8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.

We also read in Matthew’s account of Jesus in chapter 13 that:

54 He came to His hometown and began teaching them in their synagogue, so that they were astonished, and said, “Where did this man get this wisdom and these miraculous powers? 55 “Is not this the carpenter’s son? Is not His mother called Mary, and His brothers, James and Joseph and Simon and Judas? 56 “And His sisters, are they not all with us? Where then did this man get all these things?” 57 And they took offense at Him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” 58 And He did not do many miracles there because of their unbelief.

So, the testimony is necessary to help us with our unbelief.  On these trips there are a few days of teaching local leaders.  Every night there is an event where one of the team members gets up and teaches about the power of healing and what God does for us out of His great love.  If only we would believe.  They relate stories of instances where people were healed not because these white people came from Arkansas and Texas, but because the sick, lame, deaf, blind, and afflicted were bold enough to believe.  Anyone who is saved possesses this very same power because the same Spirit that rose Jesus from the dead lives in us.

I love going on these trips because it increases MY faith.  It also helps me to better realize what Jesus says in Mark 16 just before ascending into heaven:

15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. 16 “He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned. 17 “These signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons, they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover .”

So, here is the report.  I personally was witness to many of these things that happened.  To God be all the glory!

>A Mayan woman was totally deaf and as we prayed for her she could hear. She and her daughter prayed to receive Jesus.

>We prayed for a man that had severe chest pains, it was so bad that he could feel the pain up and down his back. The pain had been going on for a long time. As we prayed all of the pain left.

>Every meeting we prayed for many people that had migraine headaches and severe stomach pain gone and almost every one of them was healed. Some of them received Jesus.

> A man came forward for prayer that had injured his shoulder, he could not raise his arm. As we prayed the pain began to leave and he then raised his arm without pain.

>We went to a man house to pray for a man that could hardly walk, he hadn’t walked in days because of the pain. After praying for him we asked him to try and walk. He got up and walked outside and ran up and down the steps. He was healed.

>We prayed for a woman that has had pain after she had a baby for five years ago. As we prayed she began to cry the pain left.

>We prayed for a 3 year old with stomach pain and kidney infection. After prayer he said that he didn’t hurt any more . 

>Prayed for a young woman with lower back pain. We checked her legs and one was shorter than the other one. As we prayed the leg grew out and the pain was gone.

>A mother and daughter came up both with severe headaches… They both left with no pain.

>A lady could not hear very well we prayed a couple of times her hearing got better God is still healing her. 

> A mother brought in a small baby probably around 6 or 7 months old. Ever since the baby was born he shook like he was having seizures. The baby did this continually all day. As we stood and watched it was hard to believe; it had to be terrible for the mother and baby’s family. We prayed and prayed; we were determined that the baby would be healed. Finally after a long time of praying and nothing had changed we told the mother to keep praying. As soon as we took our hands off of the mother and she turned to leave the baby instantly was calm, the mother with tears in her eyes went and sit down near us. We watched with tears in our eyes as the baby calmly reached up and touched the mother’s face. It was awesome!

>Woman head, knees, stomach back was in terrible pain. All of the pain left. She then prayed to receive Jesus.

An older woman that her body was in pain. One of her legs was shorter than the other and we prayed and we saw her leg grow out to match the other one and the pain in her body was completely gone.            

 >Prayed for 2 families that have abusive parents and they are alcoholics, prayed and rebuked the sickness of alcoholism the kids were filled with the Holy Spirit and they gave their lives to Christ and were left balling and knowing that things were changed

> A man wanted prayer for his ears and stomach. We noticed that he was blind and asked him about his eyes. He told us he didn’t need to see that he wanted to hear (he played the guitar on a worship team). He wanted the pain in his stomach gone.  We prayed for his ears, stomach and also his eyes. His hearing was restored and the stomach pain left.   

> A family came forward for us to pray a blessing over the family; they were having a lot of problems in the family. As we prayed a young teenage boy began to manifest; we quietly dealt with the demon and the boy became calm.

> We prayed for a young man that was almost totally deaf, you he had to look at you as you spoke for him to understand, he was born that way. After we prayed for him we spoke to him without him looking at us. With total surprise and amazement on his face he told us that he could hear everything we were saying. He began to cry and kept hugging our necks and thanking us. We told him to thank Jesus. He then prayed to receive Jesus.

>We prayed for a woman that walked in with a crutch, she walked out with it above her head, praising God!

> We prayed for a woman that had a lot of neck pain. Her upper back and neck had been bothering her for a long time. She had been to the doctor numerous times with very little results. As we prayed for her tears began to flow from her face, the pain was leaving. She began to turn her head in different directions; a smile was on her face she had no pain for the first time in a long time.

>Young girl born with twisted hip, her right foot was turned to the right. This girl had already had three surgeries and still could hardly walk. As we prayed her hip and leg twisted into place, she was healed.

>A man could hardly walk, his knee was bone on bone no cushion, severe pain. During prayer all of the pain left/ he could bend, twist his leg no pain. He prayed to receive Jesus.

>A woman came forward for prayer that could not hear. As we prayed she began to cry she could hear. She then received Jesus.

>A Little girl told us that she had pain in her heart. After we prayed for her she said Jesus took the pain away.

>We prayed for a man that his left leg was in a lot of pain. He pulled is pant up and we saw the small tumor on the leg. As we prayed the tumor began to get smaller until it was gone. All of the pain was gone.

>We prayed for a man that was having vertigo, he had a hard time walking. We prayed for his inner ear and within minutes the vertigo was gone.

>A woman came forward and wanted prayer for her right eye that was always blurry. As we prayed the eye cleared up and she could see clearly.

>We prayed for a woman that was pregnant and had pain most of the time pain. We laid hands on the woman’s stomach and as we prayed the baby started kicking as we prayed. All of her pain left.

> We prayed for a man that had been having chest pains for over a week. After prayer all his pain was gone. 

>We prayed for numerous women with head and stomach pain. Most of them their pain left. And some prayed to receive Jesus.

>We prayed for a man with a cough and he had congestion in his lungs and his chest was in a lot of pain. while he was being prayed for he began to feel relief. He felt 100% better.

>A Boy came forward that had broken his left arm just above his wrist. There was no doctor close to his village, he had been in a lot of pain. As we prayed we felt the bone moving and all the pain left. The boy was very excited!

>We went to the home and an elderly woman was lying in bed in severe pain. We had a hard time understanding what was wrong; then she grabbed one of the ladies on our teams hand and placed it on her right leg, she had been in terrible pain up and down her leg for a long time. She would not let us stop praying. Then all at once she began to cry very loud. Hands were on her face weeping, buy, it was tears of joy, for the first time in a long time all her pain was gone. It was awesome seeing her joy!  

>A man had had a appendix operation and was still in a lot of pain. After the operation he developed a hernia. He was in severe pain. As we prayed he began to cry for the first time all of his pain was gone.

>A man was totally blind in his right eye. Went we took our hand from his eye after praying he began to look around he could see but, it was blurry. We prayed again then took our hand off his eye. He started crying he could see clearly for the first time in many years.

>A woman came forward for prayer. She lifted her head and we could see the large tumor on her throat; it was very large. We began to pray, as we prayed it got smaller and smaller until it was gone. The woman cried and cried with joy!

>We prayed for a woman that had severe neck pain. As we prayed she could move her neck up and down with no problem.

> We prayed for a man with arthritis in his hands, neck, knees. He was in considerable pain over a large part of his body. All of his pain left as he was being prayed for.

>We prayed for the pastor’s mother in the village we were in. She had a thyroid problem with a growth on her neck. The growth began to shrink while she was being prayed for until it was gone.

>A woman came forward that was blind in her right eye. As we prayed she started crying she could see. She then prayed to receive Jesus.

>Woman with severe back pain in her lower back was delivered from pain.

>Woman who was severely farsighted was healed and after tested her sight by reading.

>A lady with deafness and allergies was totally healed with no more symptoms.

>We prayed for woman that had a growth on stomach and as she was prayed for it disappeared.

>A team prayed for boy that had the symptoms of Polio. As he was being prayed for he started to move. The boy and mom-prayed to receive Jesus.

>A young boy prayed to receive Jesus 

>We prayed for a woman that had had a stroke. She couldn’t speak, move her arm or leg. After prayer she could speak, lifted her leg and her hand straightened out. Walked for the first time in a year and received Jesus.

>We prayed for a woman with back pain. After she was prayed she could bend over without any pain. 

>We prayed for a person with a growth under the eyelid. It was gone after being prayed for.

>A woman had a growth behind one ear, during pray it dissolved.  

> We prayed for some ones right ear and the hearing was restored.

> We prayed for two men in one service that was blind. Both men could see a little after being prayed for.

>A woman that had pain in her body. All her pain was gone after prayer.

>A man’s right eye was completely blind. Gained peripheral vision, saw spots after prayer. We prayed again and his vision was completely healed, he could see good.

>A man could not take a good deep breath it would hurt his lungs and heart we prayed and he felt much better. 

> Prayed for a widow and her Crippled son… we did not see The physical healing… But they both received Christ. 

 >Prayed for an older lady headache heart and in a lot of pain… She left with no pain

> A lady with the bad sore throat headache she left feeling better God still healing her

> 16-year-old girl with a demon spirit… we continued to pray this took a little bit of time. We had her sit in the front room and just worship God. Later I went over there and just loved on her and let her feel God’s love. 

> Prayed for a man that had a very bad knee and trembling in his left hand he had fallen around 4 years ago and he could not get around very well. He had not tried to walk that day because the pain was so bad. After praying he walked around a little bit and then he ran down the stairs and came back.  His trembling in his hand had stopped some and we believe that he is totally healed now. 

>Prayed for an older woman said she needed to have surgery to have her uterus removed but she was believing on God’s healing. We prayed and she found no more pain hope we hear about her later. 

>Prayed for a lady that had kidney stones she was not in a lot of pain at the time but she did feel better when we got through praying and she believes she is totally healed.

 >Prayed for a 10 month old baby boy with water on his brain, this was starting to affect his movement and not being very alert.   We prayed and a little boy started cooing… We are praying for total healing. 

 >Prayed for an elderly lady with diabetes sent home from the hospital just lying in bed with a lot of pain. We prayed for her. showed her some pictures of a woman that was healed the night before, gave her that testimony prayed for her again, asked her stand up and she could…ask her to walk and she sat back down… She wanted her shoes. With help she walked through two bedrooms believing she will get her total healing….God was already working in her body.

>A young man with knee pain that plays soccer… He left with no pain.

>Four different ladies that night came up with head and stomach pain, all 4 got healed   

 > Prayed for a woman couldn’t see out of her right eye she was seeing clear when we got through praying God is still healing her. 

>A woman with pain in her ovaries… Prayed, left with no pain

 >A lady came with a growth in her neck she could hardly swallow. We prayed and the tumor left. Found out two days later it was Tony and Carrie’s Lady that helps them in their home she came back and told Carrie that she was totally healed.

> Lady came up with pain in her lower stomach, prayed a couple of times. Her stomach did a flip-flop right under my hands and she started to fall.  She was crying with joy no more pain. 

 >Prayed for a pregnant woman that had pain all the time during her pregnancy. When we got done praying for the first time in five years all the pain was gone.. 

 >Prayed for another pregnant woman would hurt when she would go to the bathroom she had hemorrhoids. We prayed and her pain left. 

>Young woman: lower intestinal problems-having pain in lower abdomen.  Received healing and pain left.

>A woman came forward who had severe arthritis. She had severe pain in her back, shoulders and hip. At times it was so bad that she could not sleep. God came upon her in an awesome way while she was being prayed for. All of the pain left. She could move and bend over without any pain.

>A woman was prayed for that had pain in her shoulders and neck and anytime she raised her arms the pain was very bad. Within minutes after prayer all of her pain was gone. God had healed her!  

>Man deaf in left hear, received healing and could hear. He received Jesus.

>Prayed for another woman that had hemorrhoids and stomach pains and headache all the pain was gone.                                                                                                                                                                          

>A Lady had a tumor was not where we could see it….but her pain was gone.                                                

> Woman with her whole body out of liniment she hurts all over her hands her hips and her feet… After we prayed, we had her put her hands in front of her stretched them out and her hands lined up, her feet went into line meant and her hips rotated and she was be able to walk without any pain.                                                                                                                                                                                  

>Son… Kept a fever all the time a little cough, we pray for him and his fever broke. Felt relief in his chest. 

>Dad…blind in one eye and Knots on his body, Prayed…we felt he had darkness we casted that out. Prayed some more and he started to see better.

>A woman that had been sick in bed for a month head, stomach & diarrhea…we prayed then she sat up we prayed again..she asked us to sing and we did and she was healed. She can to our Service that night all dressed up and happy.  

> We prayed mother and her daughter and mother had problems with her ovaries, she was in pain and she’s was going to have to have surgery. We prayed several times and all her pain was gone.

> The daughter had a Sharp pain in her hip lower back. We prayed about three times and all pain was gone.  That night at the Service all three of them came to pat and my line rejoiced and feeling healed. Wanted us to know and prayed blessings over them.

>A lady with fever and stomach pains healed.

>A lady with her lower stomach feeling like she had hot chili peppers…all the discomfort left.

>A Lady with knees hurting and back hurting; after prayer she walked without any more pain

>Two women in bed with fever, coughing and really sick..younger lady was moaning and groaning..after we prayed the younger lady was calm, no fever and no coughing..she was resting much better. The older woman was feeling much better too.

>A little girl with hurt knee after being prayed for felt that she was healed.

>A young lady with boyfriend issues and her dad left to work in usa but found a girlfriend..she is in church and trying to do right but boyfriend is distancing himself from her. She just needed someone to care about her and love on her. I hugged her as she cried, God gave her peace.

>Young lady with both eyes blurry, after prayer she could see clearly.

>We prayed older woman with large a hernia..hernia didn’t disappear but pain was better

>We prayed for a man that was blind in right his eye. After being prayed for his sight was a little better. >Son had fever and sore throat, fever broke

>Lady in bed with stomach cramps..pain gone

>We prayed for a young girl with pain in her head, during prayer she was overwhelmed by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

> A man came forward for prayer for arthritis; it was so bad in his back that he hadn’t been able to bend over in over a year. Year after year the arthritis continued to get more painful. We prayed for the man and released the healing power of God. After being prayed for, he bent forward; he had a little pain. After praying a few all of his pain was gone; he could bend over and move his body in any way and he felt no pain. He prayed to receive Jesus.

>We prayed for a mother and daughter who both had stomachaches and headaches..both healed.

>Prayed for a lady who drove 4 hours for us to pray for her, throat hurt and couldn’t swallow..she was able to eat without pain

>A woman with lower back pain. We checked her legs and one was shorter than the other one. As she was prayed for the leg grew out and all of her pain was gone.

>We prayed for a young boy hernia. The boy believed he was healed.

>We prayed for a woman with a urinary tract infection. After being prayed for her discomfort and pain was gone.

>A lady came forward with bad eye sight. Her eye sight improved after prayer.

A Young man with a kidney disease was in a lot of pain. All the pain was gone during prayer..

>A woman wrapped in towels had pain over all of her body. The pain was gone after being prayed for.

>A young girl with broken leg walked without pain after the team prayed with her.

>We went to the home of a woman in bed with back pain so bad she couldn’t walk. We looked at her legs and her left leg was shorter than the right one. As we prayed the leg grew out and all her pain was gone. As we left she was walking and was praising and thanking Jesus..

>We prayed for two different people that could not see and after being prayed for they could see a little.

>We prayed for a man that both eyes were blurry and he was seeing spots. As we prayed the spots disappeared and his eyes cleared up.

>We prayed for two woman that had high fever, coughing and spitting up. The coughing stopped and they were at peace.

>Small baby running a high fever, as we prayed the fever left and the baby was sleeping and at peace.

>We went to the home of a man that had a stroke, his right arm and his hand was spastic and he couldn’t move his fingers. He was also having chest, arm and leg pain. As we prayed his right arm began to limber up; he was able to move his fingers and arm. The chest, arm and leg pain was gone. He was able to pick up a rock of about 3 pounds and throw. The man, his wife and mother rededicated their lives to Christ.

>We prayed for a baby that had a brain tumor. A doctor removed water from his brain. The doctor told the parents that the baby was brain dead. After being prayed for the baby was able to move his eyes and follow a finger back and forth. We rubbed his cheek and the baby smiled, then he puckered and began to cry.

>We prayed for a woman with pain all over her body so bad she couldn’t walk. We prayed and every muscle in her body began to cramp and she became stiff as a board and couldn’t move at all. We continue to pray and her body relaxed and became very loose. She fell to her knees and began to raise Jesus; she got up and thanked us.

>Sunday in home:  We prayed for a woman named Anita. She could not walk when we arrived. After being prayed she could walk well and even pushed cane away when her husband tried to offer it to her. 

>We prayed for a woman with arthritis, as she was being prayed for all her pain left and she could walk well.

> We prayed for a woman that told us that she had a very large growth on one of her breast and she was afraid. We prayed and after prayer the mother reached where she had just felt the lump and it was gone!

> We prayed for a man we met that had ringing in one of his ears and he could hardly hear out of the ear. After prayer the ringing was gone and his hearing had come back. We give God the glory!

> Prayed for a woman that had knee problems, she believed she was healed

> We prayed with a man that was partially deaf; he could hear normal after being prayed for.

>A man was bucked off of a horse and his ribs were hurt very bad. After rayed he pushed on his ribs and he had no pain; his ankle was also healed at same time.

> A man came forward for prayer who had lost his hearing in one ear. His hearing had been getting worse year after year until he had lost all hearing. As he was being prayed for God begin to heal his hearing. Within minutes after being prayed for his hearing was restored.

>We prayed for 7 people that had eye problems. They were all either totally or partially healed

>We prayed for a little girl’s lungs, she had trouble breathing. As we prayed she began to take deep breaths and could breathe well.

> We prayed for a woman with pain in many places, her eyesight was almost gone. She was very concerned she would lose her store because she was losing her eyesight. After prayer all her pain was gone and she could read small letters. She was crying new tears of joy because her eyes were perfect!

A woman came forward who had severe arthritis. She had severe pain in her back, shoulders and hip. At times it was so bad that she could not sleep. God came upon her in an awesome way while she was being prayed for. All of the pain left. She could move and bend over without any pain. She received Jesus.      

                                                                                                                                                                       >A woman was prayed for that had pain in her shoulders and neck and anytime she raised her arms the pain was very bad. Within minutes after prayer all of her pain was gone. God had healed her!    

 >We prayed for a man with severe migraines and warts all over his body. The migraines were completely gone. God is still healing the warts.   

A ladies eyes were burning. We prayed, the burning stopped and his vision was better. We prayed for her son to be on fire for the lord, he gave his life to the Lord.       

Girls stomach was in pain- prayed= healed She said, “I feel fresh.” In other words she was healed >We-prayed for a young girl, a person that practiced witchcraft cast a spell on her and we commanded the demons to leave and she was at peace.

 >A mother had a tumor of growth on her throat, and her stomach was hurting- prayed = inflammation, tumor, growth whatever it was, it was removed from her body and she was completely normal, pain in her stomach was gone. Her son gave his life to Christ                                              

>A baby that was sick, in pain ever since child birth, was crying all the time even as we prayed but as we said, “Amen.” The Baby was healed it wasn’t crying and it was perfectly content.                     

>A little boy that was 6 years old was born with a tumor on the back of his head- prayed- and the tumor depleted until it was completely gone.                                                                                                     

>A young girl, named Sweet Bethlehem, who wanted to kill herself numerous times. As I told her how I overcome depression and anxiety, and how God saved me. I told her,” He saved me, so I could be here telling you how he saved me and he can do the same to her.”—prayed- and she gave her life to Jesus, she was healed and she was happy                                                                                   

>Young man named Juan and his, mother, that does witch craft gave their lives to Christ, Juan age 34, at age 37 he was paralyzed and he couldn’t move his legs and his whole bodies muscles were deteriorating. Prayed for him and he could move his legs a little, Gods is still healing him.                                                                                                                                                              

>An older lady who’s eyesight was failing, stomach in pain for numerous years- prayed- and was healed, her eyesight was clearer than ever before.                                                                          

>Prayed for a younger girl who tried medication and went to a witch doctor and it got worse and worse- prayed and pain subsided.                                                                                                       

>Another young girl with stomach pain, used medicine to try to heal her but it did nothing that was months ago and she still is in pain- prayed and the pain left.                                                                                                                                                

>Prayed for a lady that was in extreme pain, one of her legs was shorter than the other. We prayed that God would grow out to match the length of her other leg and it grew out.      

If you made it this far in reading the list of miracles we witness that week, I hope it really encouraged you.  I hope you learned that not only is healing available to you, but the Spirit that heals lives inside you and you can pray over people just the same way we did.  It isn’t about the eloquence of our prayers, but the level of our faith and the faith of the one being prayed for.


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