Hi everyone! Thank you all so very much for your prayers for the trip to Guatemala that the Serving At Risk Families (SARF) liaisons took last week.  It was a huge success!  There were many great meetings.  There was a lot of beneficial information obtained that will be very useful for the ministry.


Yanira (far left) and her family at home

After the meeting with Jon he took us around to visit different families in the community. One of the families was Yanira’s family. She is now attending school one day a week (which is better than no school) and she is no longer having fainting spells.  The doctors believe the fainting was caused by lack of nourishment.   Her mother is doing better and has been getting regular rides to the hospital for her dialysis.  Jon, Kendon, (the director of New Life Children’s Home) and Trent also worked out a system to get the funds that were raised for the trips for dialysis and any other needed funds to Guatemala.   Jon has been working with Yanira’s family and other families in the community.  He has already established many relationships and his vision is very similar to the vision of the SARF ministry! God is SO COOL!!


Pastor Jorge (far left) and his family

Next we met with a local pastor, Jorge Cerritos,and learned many things about his church and his ministry.  He is very excited about having the SARF team partner with him to increase his outreach.  He told of the Celebrate Recovery program that his church has with about 50 members.  His wife runs a house of refuge for women and children who were in abusive situations.  They have a youth program at his church because he knows how important it is to get the youth involved with positive things so that they stay out of gangs.  His church is also working on a leadership program to raise up leaders into discipleship.

It’s amazing to see what God is doing in a church that is small in numbers but HUGE in faith! We also met with some local missionaries, Kendon Wheeler and Chad Smith, to get some ideas for the future outreach of the SARF ministry. It was a great trip!  God provided amazing information and the SARF team is very excited to implement the next steps. Thank you all again very much for your prayers and support!

Love, Dylan and Missy

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