Some of you might be wondering why we haven’t posted an update in a while.  Truth is, we’ve been really busy!  October has been consumed with launching the SARF Backpack Campaign and preparing for, hosting, and catching up from the team that came down to work with us in October.  Four people came down and helped us put up a retaining wall that will help prevent the rest of a woman’s remaining land from washing away.  She moved to Linda Vista to start her life anew.  To read more about her family’s story, you can click here.

The team got off the plane and right away we went to the job site to receive the materials for our project.  Because Aminta lives at the bottom of a steep hill, they delivered the materials halfway down the hill and we had to bring it to her house on foot.  3 trucks of sand, 3 trucks of stone, and 4 trucks of concrete blocks later, the team was definitely ready to get settled in!  We were sore for the first couple of days and dreaded every time we had to walk the hill as we felt muscles in our body we didn’t even know existed but by the time the trip ended, we scaled that hill like it was nothing!

We would love if you would sign up for the January trip which will finish the job!  While this team tackled the most crucial part of the wall, there still is much that remains to do to completely close in and fortify her land.  We also hope to put a main door for her property so stray animals and people cannot just enter!  Go here for more information to sign up!  Or, if you can’t go but would still like to help, you can donate here to help offset the cost of the project!

Here is the video of the team’s week here.  Keep in mind that because of YouTube’s new security settings, you most likely won’t be able to watch this on a mobile device.

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