Hi everyone!

We wanted to send out an e-mail regarding the wonderful things God is doing through the Servants: Serving At Risk Families ministry and how He is allowing us to serve others for Him. We know that most of you are familiar with this ministry (and maybe even tired of us going on and on about it…lol) but for those of you who don’t know Serving ARisk Families (SARF for short) is the ministry we have been involved with since returning from our trip to Guatemala in February.  We had our monthly team meeting last night and the team will be sending out updates on a regular basis.  We wanted to send this e-mail to update everyone on the things that have been happening over the last few months and then we will forward the team updates to all of you in the future.  If for any reason you are not interested in receiving these updates please let us know and we will take your name off the list.

As many of you know, donated to, and volunteered with we had a yardsale in June.  It was a huge success.  We raised approximately $2,300 for the SARF ministry.  Our biggest challenge now is getting the money to Guatemala and finding someone in Guatemala to handle the money to make sure it is being used appropriately for the families SARF is working with

One of the young men, Jon, from New Life Children’s Home (this is where we stayed when we went to Guatemala in February) has agreed to be our in country counselor and assist us with communicating with families and helping us to establish a relationship with them.  He will also help us with SOME of the financial obstacles we face. Praise God!  Having someone in country will hopefully make things easier.  Jon is 27 and has lived at NLCH most of his life.  He is now employed at the children’s home.  He also is bilingual which is a big advantage since the process of learning Spanish is VERY slow but Dylan and I are still working at it. 🙂  Dylan and I, along with our friend Christina (she is also on the SARF leadership team) have volunteered to be the primary point of contact for Jon.  We will be the liaison between Jon and the rest of the SARF leadership team.

Trent Davis, the founder of Servants and the SARF ministry, took a trip to Guatemala in July. This trip was different from his normal trips because he and a team worked with and stayed with families outside of the children’s home. During his trip he was able to interact and start relationships with quite a few families.  The members of SARF hope to be able to build relationships with these families and come alongside them to assist them as God leads.  Our ultimate purpose is to show them God’s love and tell them about Jesus while empowering them to reach the goals that they have for their families.

Please continue to pray for God to give us His strength and wisdom with this ministry and that ultimately we are discerning and obedient to His will.

We thank you all for your support of this ministry and your support of us.  God has broken our hearts for the families this ministry is serving and will serve in the future.  We know we could not do any of what we have done or any of what we will do without God’s provisions and the prayers and support of our family and friends.

Thank you all so very much!


Missy and Dylan

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