Since September, I have been waiting to get my DPI, which is the Guatemalan ID card.  You may recall Missy getting hers a last August and many of you have been wondering, “but what about Dylan’s?”  Well, it’s finally here!


We were making jokes about how my military background was hindering the process (which still could be true).  A few weeks ago I went into the office to find out why my card has been stuck in “quality control” since December where it is only supposed to take a week.  They said my card was “rejected” but had no more information.  Do I have to reapply?  Will they just make a new one?  The lady at the office was trying to find out this information for me but never heard back.  She told me to call the hotline and ask if they don’t call me in a couple days.  Fast forward to this past week when I finally had time to call and I found out that, “It’s not rejected Mr. Brobst, it is currently on its way to the local office where you can pick it up! Check there next week.”  I couldn’t believe it.  “Ok, thanks!” I said and hung up, wondering if my Spanish was deceiving me.  I made note to remind me to go in the next week and the day before I was planning on getting it, the office called me personally to tell me it was here!

As I walked into the office, there was a big line.  Luckily, I brought a book to pass the time.  But, the lady behind the desk got up and told me to come to her desk.  “I was the one who called you yesterday.  It’s finally here!” she told me.  I think she was as happy as I was as she handed me my first ever Guatemalan ID card to make sure the information was correct.  With a picture of my fingerprint I was out the door.

So, why is this a big deal?  For starters, it gives you a bit more clout when handling paperwork at the lawyer’s office or bank.  Secondly, police are less likely to mess with you during random vehicle stops.  Third, we don’t have to carry around our passports or a copy of them for identification.  This tends to be a bit unnerving as some people won’t accept copies and carrying the original is risky because we don’t want to lose them.  Also, now we can get our Guatemalan Driver’s Licenses!  Essentially, it gives us more clout when handling paperwork and dealing with people that require an ID.  Please join us in this small victory of establishing ourselves in Guatemala.  Thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughtful (sometimes funny) comments too!


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