Why does God let us (or force us) to experience difficulties?
Guatemala isn’t supervious to the Coronavirus Quarantine.  We got back from our vacation in Jamaica just […]
I think sometimes…or maybe a little too often…it’s easy to “glorify” missionaries and what they do. […]
About this time for the past 4 years you all have come to expect some sort […]
Hi everyone! We wanted to send this out to ask for you all to join us […]
This was my “complaint” to God during my daily devotional one day back in October.  The […]
“Don’t worry for me Melissa, I will be fine. I’m the daughter of Jesus the King […]
As we start winding up the end of language school and start preparing for the future, […]
We have been learning about persecution and martyrdom this week in class.  It has been quite […]