Dylan shares about the importance of keeping an eternal mindset when ministering to others.
We experience snow for the first time in a while and Dylan begins telling the story […]
We spend a day driving around the city…having adventures with face masks!  
As the virus spreads in Guatemala, we take extra measures to protect ourselves and those we […]
Guatemala isn’t supervious to the Coronavirus Quarantine.  We got back from our vacation in Jamaica just […]
Missy gets some testing done to see what is going on with her stomach.  
This week we serve with scrap wood, meet with our boss, and Missy shares a HUGE […]
Missy got hit with a doozy this week!
I think sometimes…or maybe a little too often…it’s easy to “glorify” missionaries and what they do. […]
This is a common phrase for evangelical Christians.  If you are not familiar, it is the […]