In this episode, we fly out to Arizona for a missionary debriefing retreat designed to help […]
Happy Thanksgiving! We talk about a few things we are thankful for and take the opportunity […]
Missy goes offroading and Cate goes to her BFF’s house. We arrive safely in the US […]
Missy gets some testing done to see what is going on with her stomach.  
I know this video might seem a little long, but trust me, it’s a lot shorter […]
One of the single mothers we serve in ministry was recently diagnosed with diabetes.  We took […]
Back in March, Missy and I were forced to move out of our house for about […]
Missy and I learned a few things last year when we were on furlough.  As many […]
So, I had an interesting experience this past Saturday.  It certainly isn’t one I should keep […]
As we start winding up the end of language school and start preparing for the future, […]