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  1. Wow – what “red tape” you’ve encountered! Keep me posted on the visas and bank accounts.

    May you be blessed with God’s peace and protection in Antigua.


  2. why do you need the bank account? I have been here 10 years and have never had a need for one. (though I do have one, I hardly ever use it). ATMs are all over the country so having access to money is not an issue…. also, when did passports have to be validated? I have never heard of that one before…..

    • Hey David! We are getting bank accounts so that we don’t have to keep paying ATM fees and so that we don’t have to carry a bunch of money around. After Dylan researched all our options we decided this was the easiest way that works for us. As far as the passport validation that is something relatively new from what we have heard. Where in Guatemala do you live?