Only 24 teams can register!

Reserve your spot today before it’s too late. You can recruit team members later.

Scoring based on points

To make sure everyone has a fair chance regardless of experience, we are using the official World Classic Paintball League point scoring system.  You can actually win a match based on points even if you don’t win by eliminating the other team!

Eliminating Opposing Team Members

2 points are won for your team when you eliminate someone else

Not being eliminated

1 point is gained for each remaining team member at the end of the match

First Flag Pull

20 points awarded when you are the first team to touch a flag whether it is in “capture the flag” or “football”

Placing flag

50 points awarded for a touchdown or touching your opponents’ flag to yours

Scoring will be tallied throughout the day and the top teams will be selected based on total points during the lunch break. These teams will face off in the afternoon for the top 3 positions. The other teams may continue to play for fun.

Once the top 3 teams are decided, the field will be prepped for the Battle Royale where all participants will be broken down into Team Dylan or Team Missy as was selected upon registration. We will compete across the entire grounds of the complex!!!

Hosted by Ambush Adventure Park

91Hilltop Dr
Conestoga, PA 17516

Ambush boasts over 35 acres of fields to play on with a wide variety of scenarios and obstacles.  We ask participants to arrive no later than 8 am on game day for registration, gear issue, and safety brief. Be sure to bring your tickets and game face!

Watch how much fun we had!

Last year was such a blast, and it just keeps getting better! 

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