Rainy season ends and we get to see some babies. Dylan takes you into his podcast […]
We get stuck in traffic.  Missy visits Aminta and sees her first tablecloth.  Then we visit […]
We made it safely back to Guatemala.  Here are some clips of the process!   Click […]
Michy and Missy clown around with a family and Dylan goes to the market.  
This week we share about how we have been sharing!  We have been spending some time […]
Missy and Michy bake all day to raise money for the ministry while Dylan visits families […]
This week we serve with scrap wood, meet with our boss, and Missy shares a HUGE […]
Tune in as Dylan climbs hills delivering bananas and Missy stays home cooking for others.  Also, […]
This family we would classify as our most unstable of all the families we serve.  When […]
Dylan spends a morning with Jorge, Kevin, and Brandon to see where Jorge works on growing […]