This week, while Dylan was in Guatemala with a team, he had the privilege of preaching […]
We return to Guatemala to enjoy tortillas, a random rooster, and Dylan runs a 10k!   […]
Missy and Michy bake all day to raise money for the ministry while Dylan visits families […]
We have a family day with our church.  
As we recover from stomach illness, we try to finish up some things before our short […]
  1 Now at this time while the disciples were increasing in number, a complaint arose […]
In my previous installment about casting out demons, I talked about a man who suddenly appeared […]
“Now that’s what being the church is all about” said my friend Kathy to me on […]
One of the most intriguing bible verses that I have read to date is what Jesus […]
*I’ll start this off by saying it is not a political opinion article nor is it […]